Product introduction

This simple but elegant looking table is a 2.1channel powerful surround sound bluetooth player and audio-in playerproduct, with 2200mAh built in battery whilst also acting as a power bank for your smart devices,

even you can move this table anywhere around your home, and the built in wireless charger allows you to simply setyour smart device on top of the symbol on the edge of the table and it will begin charging your smart device. The USB port and audio-in port are tucked into the side without sacrificing design, you can use the USB port to power your devices with a cable.

  • Modern StyleThe Country Annex

    His design maintains elements of surprise and deep intellectual beauty, because it relies more on invention than on the develop ment of styles.

  • Extraordinary DesignThe Woodhouse

    Firmly constructed objects, beautiful in shape and effective for its purpose. Add ideas exceeding shape and function, and good design is created.

Colour : Log / Walnut

Rated power : 30W

Bluetooth version : 4.2

Net weight : 5.95kg

Bluetooth Distance : <10M

Dimension : 410mm x 627mm

Functions : Bluetooth music playback, Bluetooth calls, AUX cable playback